EVO JK Front Vented Inner Fenders, Coil Spring Suspension

EVO JK Front Vented Inner Fenders, Coil Spring Suspension
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Model: EVO-1197
Manufacturer: EVO MFG

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EVO JK Front Vented Inner Fenders, Coil Spring Suspension


  The EVO MFG JK Front Vented Inner Fenders are intended to clean up the look of the Jeep Wrangler JKs inner wheel wells while offering cooling and ventilation to the engine bay.  Whether racing in Baja, on your favorite trail, or sitting in traffic, heat buildup under the hood can be quite high.  The EVO MFG JK Vented Inner Fenders are the only on the market to offer a unique ventilation path with a front and rear vent allowing for heat to exit out the engine bay just behind the radiator and at it hottest and most captured area by the exhaust manifolds allowing for great heat dissipation and lower engine temps all while keeping a mostly shielded wheel well.  Lowered engine temps not only helps keep your engine running better and longer but also increases the longevity of external engine components such as rubber hoses, belts, battery and wiring harnesses.

  The EVO MFG JK Front Vented Inner Fenders are made from 16 Gauge 5052 aluminum alloy for a light weight addition and strong construction.  They come in raw aluminum finish and can be installed as is or painted and/or powdercoated a single color or a 2 tone of your choice.  This great addition to your JK works on all years and models and with stock and aftermarket, plastic, steel or aluminum fenders.  They are simple to install with standard tools and come complete with both front driver and passenger side inner fenders and stainless steel hardware.

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