EVO MFG ProTek D30 Front Axle Truss JK/JKU

EVO MFG ProTek D30 Front Axle Truss JK/JKU
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Model: EVO-1137-30

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EVO MFG ProTek D30 Front Axle Truss JK/JKU

The JK Front axle is prone to bending causing a costly replacement. The EVO MFG JK ProTek Front Axle Truss is specifically designed to give the axle ample strength to prevent deflection. Manufactured from 3/16” Laser cut steel and CNC press brake formed one piece sections that minimize excess heat and weld shrinkage which ensures a truer axle after install. Less heat, less chance of axle warping and easier install. Integrated 3/16” steel backbone through center of main truss sections collectively add to 9/16” total backbone bracing. Secondary ¼” steel differential bridge connects left and right truss sections over cast differential center section giving a extremely strong one piece integrated truss system covering the entire axle end to end.  Secondly the differential bridge allows for no need to weld to the differential casting which requires a specialty welding process for proper adhesion.  

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