EVO MFG 2012+ Protek Skid System (Manual Transmission) JK/JKU

EVO MFG 2012+ Protek Skid System (Manual Transmission) JK/JKU
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Installation Instructions: EVO-212.pdf

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Model: EVO-212

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EVO Protek Skid System Complete Kit, 2012+ Manual

KIT Includes:

EVO-1091B  EVO 2012+ JK ProTek Oil Pan Skid

 ¼” Steel Skid Fully boxed for protection on all sides 100% Bolt on with Factory Hardware Accessible oil drain without removing skid.

 Fits both manual and automatic transmission

 Powdercoated for clean finish and corrosion protection

EVO-1104B  EVO MFG 2007-2012 Transmission Skid (Manual) BLK

3/16” Steel skid

100% Bolt-on with supplied hardware

Powder coated black

EVO- 1093B  EVO MFG TransCross-member Exhaust Skid 2007-2015, BLK

Fits all year JKs (2012 included) 3/16” Steel Skid Protects Exhaust Crossover and the exhaust loop on 2012 JKs, Protects the expensive to replace factory transmission cross-member, 100% Bolt On with factory and supplied hardware. Works on both Manual and Automatic JKs Powder coated Black

Notes: EVO-1093B not compatible with Long Arm Kits.

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